Our Story

In 2020 the world closed. This caused Mr Mead to lose his job as a decorator. He gained a few small jobs but for the most part he struggled to find work in his field. With his final paycheck he decided to get a homebrewing set up and decided to make mead (being a viking re-enactor).

In 2021 he managed to get some outside work out of his field, which was great because not only did he have a job and a hobby Mrs Mead gave him news on new years day. Baby Mead was now a thing.

For a 9 months Mr Mead worked his outside job and really struggled with the amount of work he had to do. He was stressed and struggling and then Baby Mead was born. He didn't get to see the baby much and this made him spiral even further, but Mrs Mead noticed something. When he was brewing his mind seemed at peace and he barely even drank he gave his bottles away and just loved the process.

November 2021 Mrs Mead had enough of Mr Mead struggling and suggested setting up a mead business. With her support Mr Mead quit his job and went all in on Mead.

He worked hard to work on his first five flavours. He had started the journey with one 5L demijon, now he had five 5L demijons and a 25L brewing bucket to test his theory if the recipes would work in a bigger vessel. Eventually Mrs Mead lost her temper (Mr Mead had taken over the living room with brewing to be fair), and she said all the mead needed to go in an actual meadery before the business could go anywhere.

So in May 2022 we found a unit and spent 6 weeks turning it from dusty, ex carpenters unit into the clean and bright meadery it is now.

As of January 2023 we have stockists, 20 fermenters. Seasonal flavours and Mr Mead is a lot happier as he's always working on his passion. Mrs Mead does help as often as she can around her work hours and date night is even now in the meadery.

Safe to say its been an endeavour but we love what we have created and are excited to see what everything will bring.